Custom Bookbinding by LaPulia Studio

LaPulia Studio bookbindery specializes in creating custom-made, leather-bound books. Our products include Personalized Books, Custom Book Covers, Leather Journals, Photo Albums, Wedding Albums, Personalized Baby Books and Manuscript Bookbinding, as well as many other bookbinding services.

We use only highest quality Leather, Archival Parchment or Cotton Paper and Printing technology that will not discolor.

The techniques and methods that we use to create your book are the same methods that were used by bookbinders for centuries. Part of our mission is to preserve the ancient art of bookmaking, the art that was known by the old masters.

Each book is hand sewn and undergoes rigorous quality control to guarantee that it will last for centuries and may be passed down from generation to generation. Your book will instantly become a collector’s piece and a family heirloom.